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Stone Group Egypt (SGE) for marble and granite was founded in 2005 by Yasser Ramadan.

SGE  can supply and produce all kinds of Egyptian marble such as Galala, Sunny, khatmeya, Silvia,etc, and many kinds of Egyptian granite such as Red Aswan, Rosa ElNasr, Verdi Ghazal, Halayeb, etc.

We export marble to many countries around the world such as Italy, Greece, Spain and some countries in the Middle East and East Asia.

We pride ourselves in our ability to understand our clients' needs and what exactly they desire and provide the level of service each client demands.

SGE can satisfy the market requirements of blocks, polished slabs, unpolished slabs, and tiles with different Sizes.

Our partners are Stone Group Albania, Stone Group Hellas and Stone Group Turkey.

Stone Group Egypt's vision is to become the leading provider of marble and granite

Stone Group Egypt's mission is to offer the customers the best products and the highest Quality.

Stone Group Egypt's values:

    • Hard work and productivity       • Customer service above all else          • High level of commitment

Why Stone Group Egypt ?